Mom and Son's Popeye's Chicken Sandwich Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 10/31/2019 - 13:49

Popeyes' massively popular chicken sandwich is set to makes its return to the chain nationwide Sunday. Now, a Las Vegas mother and her toddler son are helping the sandwich cement its place in pop culture history.

Nidra Cummings told PIX11 her 2-year-old son Nathan is a "baby foodie" with a big personality so she wanted his Halloween costume to reflect that.

"With all the attention and positive reviews the Popeyes chicken sandwich received, it just came to me that he would go as that," the mom said.

Cummings made Nathan's scrumptious-looking costume from scratch, using various materials from craft stores.

How did she achieve that famous golden, fried chicken look? "I knew I wanted to add some texture to his costume...So I just glued Corn Flakes onto his sleeves," she said.

But what would mom wear? Cummings' sister had the answer. "She suggested I should go as 'Annie,' to make it a mommy-and-me costume," the mom said. "Annie" is the famous fictional Popeyes employee in the chain's commercials.

Cummings' Instagram photos of the matching costumes spread fast. The mom and son duo have since been featured on "Good Morning America," USA Today and more.

"The media attention has been very exciting," Cummings said. "I'm just amazed at the power of social media."

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