New Study Shows 92% of Gay Men Want Marriage or Monogamous Relationship

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Its been a long running stereotype that gay men are promiscuous but a new study finds they are just the opposite.

It turns out that polyamory and open relationships are not the dream, it’s monogamy.

Researchers have found surprising new relationship trends among gay men aged 18 to 39.

Lanz Lowen and Blake Spears, a non-monogamous couple for 36 years, looked into the experience of other same-sex couples.

The pair says: ‘There wasn’t any roadmap and we assumed long-term couples might offer valuable perspectives and hard-earned lessons.’

They surveyed a range of men, both single and in relationships. 42% of the respondents were single, the other 58% in relationships.

Of those in relationships, 632 identified as monogamous, 152 identified as ‘monogamish’, and 48 identified as non-monagamous.

The study found 92% wanted to get married one day. 90% stated they were seeking monogamous relationships.

Half of the men identified as being in long-term monogamous relationships.

Previous studies have found two-thirds of couples who have been together for five years or more are in an open relationship.

But however, more younger men are seeking monogamy.

Marriage was equated as the same thing as monogamy by over half of respondents, 58%,.

Only 31% viewed having other sexual partners as an option for a married couple.

What age group wants a monogamous relationship?

89% of singles 25 and under
93% of singles 26-30But do you
92% of singles 31-40

Same-sex relationships, both monogamous and non-mongamous, seem to be healthier than ever. 98% of monogamous couples say they viewed their relationships as healthy and stable, satisfying and likely to continue fo the next five years. Non-monogamous couples were slightly less certain, but otherwise very happy. 92% of non-monogamous couples say they viewed their relationships as healthy, 91% said it was satisfying, and 86% said it would continue for the next five years.

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