Newlywed Pastor and Her Husband Found Shot To Death In Bed

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 11/26/2019 - 12:44

A congregation is mourning the death of one of their leaders. 

Police found Pastor LaRhonda Jones and her husband, Eric, shot and killed in their home this past week. 

The couple's friends and family are holding a service Saturday morning at Rim City Church in New Haven. The couple attended church there together. 

LaRhonda was the assistant pastor at the church. Those who knew her say they have a big void to fill. 

LaRhonda's friend Jennifer Whiten says she was a selfless woman, the kind of friend who drops whatever they are doing to be there with you when you need them. 

Whiten says LaRhonda always seemed happy with Eric, her husband, and former New Haven police officer. 

LaRhonda was also a domestic violence survivor from a previous relationship. Friends say she committed and devoted her life to god and serving others. 

"That she's not there, her presence, she had a huge presence. Her spirit was just a welcoming spirit, everybody gravitated towards her. Everybody just loved her. It's just a shock," said Jennifer. 

Police say they found a handgun at the couple's home. It does not appear anyone broke into their condo, so investigators are trying to determine exactly how the couple died. 

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