Nobody Wants To See Your Nudes, Selfies and Half Off Only Fans During Police Brutality Protests

Submitted by Take Out on Sun, 05/31/2020 - 03:49

"Blocked, Deleted and Unfollowed" 

Seriously.  Our fingers hurt from unfollowing and blocking people.  We understand you have bills to pay, but we are done supporting brands, and influencers who are carrying on business as usually while the world is on fire.   

Whats been really disappointing is seeing the number of pages from queer black/brown folks with a large following who have said absolutely nothing but still feel the need to post themselves tooted up on their bathroom counter asking if we like the underwear they have on.  Yes we do, but can this wait until after we get some justice?

PS:  As many have stated, the only reason our queer asses can play on the internet all day and frolic through the streets is because black and brown transwomen rioted after being fed the f*ck up with police brutality.  Happy Pride Month.

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