Owner of Club Marquette Issues Statement Regarding Fight: "Fight And Be Barred and Arrested"

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 23:59

Listen, the folks at Marquette are not playing with the kids of Atlanta, and we don't blame them. We're not sure how many black owned and operated LGBTQ clubs are in Atlanta but we do know that Marquettes is the oldest and last of its kind.  If we want these safe spaces for people of color to continue to thrive and exist we have to treat them with a little more respect.  We've seen many an establishment get shut down for perpetual violence and then those same folks that were throwing hands and drinks last week hollaring "there's no where to go in the city on a Friday or Saturday. 

In a statment posted to Facebook, John W. Trump stated that foolishness and fights will not be tolerated at Marquettes.  He writes: 

A video surfaced over the weekend from a fight that was beyond our control. We At The Marquette Lounge Atlanta’s oldest black owned and operated LGBTQ spot in the city takes everyone safety our top concern. Certain individuals come to the club purposely to bully and harrass certain individuals and it will not be tolerated. We at the Marquette will be implementing our ZERO Tolerance Policy meaning you fight you will be barred and charges will be pressed. Every night we operate we provide the safest security and maximum coverage required by law. If you ever feel in harms way or feel as though your in danger while in our establishment contact security or management immediately. Dont worry we have already took the appropriate actions ., filed necessary paperwork ., and implemented several no trespassing warrants on individuals that was involved in or was a party to the behavior that took place on Saturday February 23 2019. If you have any questions feel free to inbox me directly- JT

You've been warned.

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