Pastor Claims "LGBT Agenda" Could Ruin Church's Tax Exempt Status

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 01/31/2019 - 06:25

Church gatherings in the West could increasingly find themselves at risk of persecution, the popular Christian author and pastor Francis Chan has warned.

In an interview with Premier Christianity magazine, Chan said large churches require a huge amount of money to run Sunday services, but the “LGBT agenda” could jeopardise the tax breaks which thousands of churches and Christian organisations currently receive, thereby making expensive services untenable.

“Do you realise how volatile our system is of our church gatherings? How much money it requires? All it takes is one law that changes the tax breaks that we get and so many churches would have to shut their doors. And when you look at the LGBT agenda, and whatever else is going on in the government, you just think: ‘How can I continue with this system that is so dependent on so much money and so many breaks from the government?’

“That can’t be the future. Too much has changed.”

While Chan said he didn’t know if persecution would happen, he warned “it certainly seems like it’s headed in that direction”.

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