R Kelly Accused of Sending Nudes To 17 Year Old Boy, Offering To Fly Him Out

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R Kelly is having what may be the worst week of his career.  Last week the scathing documentary "Surviving R Kelly" debuted where Kelly's victims, ex's, friends, family, former employees and even an old teacher all detailed his physical and sexual abuse of underage girls and some adult women.  

New details are now emerging the Kelly may have sent inappropriate images to at least one teenage boy.

According to his former tour manager Demetrius Smith, Kelly once made sexual advances towards him.

In an interview with The Domenick Nati Show, Smith recalled a time in the early 90s when the two of them enjoyed some female groupies. After the ladies left, Kelly came into Smith's hotel room naked and said: "Do you want some of this?"

"He got some freaky ways," Smith explained. "He showed his a$$ to me. I turned it down. I thought he was playing. If you look up and see shit now, he wasn't playing."

During one episode of surviving, a young lady named Dominique is rescued from a hotel room by her mother.  Those who were with Dominique while she was with R Kelly said Kelly was grooming her to be his "boy toy" making her dress up as a boy, sometimes wearing a full beard and mustache"

R Kelly's own brother hinted at his bisexuality in a diss track where he says:

“You gave them females some crazy disease, I want you to know that Momma not pleased,” he rhymes across the bridge. In the second verse, he gets even more personal:  “Man, tell me how them n***as tight when they all gotta wife/something ain’t right, something smell fishy, what’s going on?/what kinda man want to stay a night in a man home?”

Months ago in some now deleted tweets one twitter user said R Kelly reached out to her 17 year old male friend and sent him naked images.  See the screencaps below:


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