Racist Family Sues After Millionaire Leaves Fortune To His Black Male Lover

Submitted by Take Out on Sat, 11/16/2019 - 16:00

An Ohio man says his dead lover's family called him the n-word and a monkey and are now suing him for money left to him by his millionaire ex.

When Harrison Davis died, only one person was by his side, his long time companion Jamal Canes.  In his will he left his millionaire fortune to Canes which Davis' family is furious about. 

Davis's children feel they are entitled to some if not all of the fortune and have taken Canes to court. 

In a statement Joseph Davis he eldest of the children said, ‘He turned our father against us and kept us from him’ he said.

‘We don't know why he left most of the money to this man."

‘They weren’t even married."

Court records show Canes is the sole beneficiary to Davis's fortune and the it says numerous times the children were to see none of his money.

"They never came to visit me when I was ill, and they were always ungrateful" Davis writes in his will. "I never raised them to be racist but they hated the only person who loved me because of the color of his skin"

A judge is set to hear the case on Monday Novermber 18th.

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