Real Life Cousins Decide To Enter Gay Film Industry

Submitted by Take Out on Wed, 04/18/2018 - 15:30

Nobody wins when the Family Feuds, but everyone wins when cousins decide they want to enter the world of flickmaking.  

When we first saw this we were like what, but you get past all that once you start seeing the bodies.  :

Their video description says:

Real life cousins and roommates Terrance and Tremaine in the dense Oregon forest on a cloudy spring day, posing and hugging  with their big friendly smiles, walking fully through the forest and open fields for the very first time in their home state. They pump iron, jerk side by side outdoors, compare meat sizes and man bushes, before busting  all other their smooth ripped bodies.

We know blood is thicker than water, apparently its thicker than nutt too. 

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