School Stops Makeup Wearing Teen From Taking Senior Pictures So He Took His Own!

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 02/06/2018 - 21:55

When Samuel Brutsche school refused to let him take senior pictures because he was wearing makeup, he decided to take his own.  The result was a post that has gone viral and millions of people seeing and supporting his cause.  

In a post to Facebook Samuel writes: 
I attend a Seventh Day Adventist School and I’ve been looking forward to taking my senior pictures ever since freshman year. I wanted my picture to represent how far I’ve come over these 4 years and how I’ve grown as a person but today my school made me feel unaccepted and discriminated against, they told me that I didn’t represent what they stood for and that I would not be able to take my senior pictures because I was wearing makeup. this led to a vast variety of emotions rushing through my mind, I was hurt and was brought to tears and then I realized that 4 members of the faculty and staff were overheard making disrespectful and ignorant comments, and making me feel less than. Not only did I wake up at 5 am, and do my makeup but I travelled across town to get my hair done. I wasn’t the only person wearing makeup, but when it came down to me it was a problem because I’m a male. Makeup isn’t just for females it never has been and never will be. Make up is for all genders, sex’s, races etc. In attending a small school with a population of less than 150 students, I felt I was a part of a family... until today. But Despite this unfortunate incident I want all people to know that things like this only make you stronger and honestly there is only 4 months until this high-school chapter is closed. Lastly, I wanted to show people that no matter what you should NEVER let anyone bring you down, when you’re faced with adversity, rise above. (by the way I took these pictures myself: These are my version of senior pictures)

Someone may have a career in photography ahead!


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