Short Lesbian Film "Dear Sam" Explores What Happens When A Woman Becomes Entangled With An Ex Girlfriend

dear sam
Submitted by Take Out on Wed, 07/22/2020 - 04:54

Now before you go saying "everything is an entanglement now" this came out in May before Jada ever uttered the word.

Via the film notes:

Sam's world is changed forever after she's sexually entangled with her one time girlfriend, Kemi, with whom she's shared a loving and turbulent moment.
DIRECTORS Justin-Black Anakwe & Benny Ikedi are proud to announce that the extra funds raised for this film via private donations have been wisely spent on making this show a critical and educative program.
CASTS: K.C Xanic, Somto Duru, Aniebo Beauty, Izuchukwu Daniel, Jude Kings & Isaac Paul.
CREWS: Justin-Black Anakwe, Benny Ikedi, Shakespeare, Apollos Onwuka, Chima Nwoke, Okonkwo Ebube & Ugoo Ubachukwu.

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