Singer and "The Voice" Contestant Avery Wilson Comes Out As Bi

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 07/21/2020 - 11:32

Former star of The Voice Avery Wilson is living in his truth and letting the world know who he really is.  

On Sunday (July 19), the R&B singer-songwriter took to his Instagram feed celebrating his 25th birthday by telling his fans that he identifies as bisexual. "TODAY, all questions and speculations of the past, now have a present definitive answer," he captioned part of his post. "To finally answer the question....YES, I’m a bisexual man who’s in love with LOVE. I AM WHO I AM and I LOVE WHO I LOVE. Always have and always will!"

In the post Wilson spoke about his journey towards coming out, saying that he needed time for "growth, evolving, setting & smashing goals" in his life. "In my eyes, life isn’t about being perfect," he wrote "I'm all about perfecting my love of self while not being afraid to love whoever I want, however I want. That real ENTANGLEMENT type s--t!"

The singer also stated that he's been asked often about his sexuality, and that until Sunday, he never felt comfortable revealing it to the public for the sake of his own privacy. "I’ve always personally faced but publicly never answered one HUGE question about myself — all because I wanted my privacy and I felt like my business is just that — MY business," he said. "Well, things just don’t work that way when you're known on a big social scale."

In closing his post, Wilson thanked his fans for their love and support throughout his career, and looked forward to a new future. "Cheers to new beginnings and unapologetically walking in your truth," he wrote. "It feels good as hell and I wish all y’all the same. Thank you for all the birthday love and constant support. Y’all are loved and cherished more than you know — for life!"

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