Subway Manager Fired For Not Hiring Black Teen "I Don't Want Those People In My Store"

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The manager of a Texas Subway allegedly denied a black teenager a position at the sandwich chain based on her race, writing that she didn’t want “those people” in the store.

Klein High School Student Katelyn Simmons applied for work at the restaurant over the weekend with the hopes of saving up money before her senior year, Click2Houston reported. One of her friends already worked at the Subway on Champion Forest Drive and, after a bit of encouragement, the soon-to-be senior agreed the job seemed a natural fit for her as well.

“I thought it would be fun and chill, and it’s really discouraging for it to go down like that just because of the color of my skin,” she told the news station.

Simmons filled out her application on Sunday and dropped it off later the same that afternoon, prompting her friend to reach out to the store manager on her behalf.

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“Girl brought in her application I’m leaving on the table for you now,” her friend wrote in a series of texts that were later screen-grabbed and shared online.

The manager responded with questions about Simmons’ appearance.

“Black girl long dark hair,” she wrote, before adding “Shortish.”

“Oh no thanks. I don’t want those people in our store lol,” the manager allegedly wrote back.

Simmons was left frustrated by the Subway manager’s racism in the face of her efforts “to better my future.”

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