Teen Accused Of Raping 1 Year Old Girl Gets No Jail Time

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Ottumwa, Iowa — An Iowa teen accused of raping a 1-year-old girl, won't do any jail time.

In July, Kraigen Grooms, 19, pleaded guilty to one county of Engaging in a Lascivious Act with a Child.

Wapello County Attorney Gary Oldenburger told KTVO that Grooms, aka Kraigen Simmers, was sentenced on that charge on Monday.

Wapello County Attorney Gary Oldenburger defended the plea deal in a statement Thursday in an effort, he said, to correct “grossly inaccurate” information being spread about the case, according to court records.

One of the most significant factors affecting the outcome of this case was that the parents of the victim did not wish Grooms to go to prison or serve significant jail time,” Oldenburger said. “Their primary concern was that he receive treatment.

Grooms received a 10-year suspended sentence and five years of supervised release.

He will be required to register as a sex offender for life.

Grooms was just 17 in the spring of 2014 when he was arrested for sexually assaulting a one-year-old child.

Law enforcement officials told KTVO at that time there was videotaped evidence of the assault.

Grooms was in custody until he pleaded guilty this summer.

He was released at that time, but required to submit to GPS monitoring.

He underwent at least two mental health evaluations while he was in custody.

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