Tomi Lahren Attacks LGBT Community For Undermining Marriage, Traditional Men and Masculinity

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 02/26/2019 - 11:28

Today in no one asked you but here we are, Tomi Lahren is saying that the LGBT community is once again responsible for all the worlds woes.  Specifically "marriage and traditional masculine men" 

‘I just don’t get this ongoing and continual assault on masculinity by the Left,’ Lahren tweeted.

‘You can be a proud part of the LGBT community and movement without attacking traditional men and marriage at every turn.’

Masculinity, traditional men and marriage better watch out, because LGBTI folk are coming for you.

And many, many, many Twitter users replied to Lahren’s thought-of-the-day.

‘If you don’t know the difference between masculinity (good men) and toxic masculinity (bad men) I really don’t know what to tell you,’ one tweeted.

Another said: ‘The real surprise would be if you get something.’

While one user said: ‘There is no “assault” on masculinity. The real assault happens every day, on thousands of LGBTQ+ people across the world.

‘You’re so quick to pretend like you’re under attack, when our people are literally being MURDERED for being who they were born to be.’

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