Uber Driver Charged With DUI After Being Caught Drinking Beer, Pleasuring Himself With Toy

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An Uber driver who pulled over for some me time ended up getting into a tussle with officers, Monroe police said.

Eliot Buenano-Andrade, 48, of Ipswitch Street, West Haven, was charged with interfering with police and driving under the influence. He was released after posting $1,000 bond.

Police said officers were dispatched to Old Tannery Road for a suspicious vehicle, and they found a white BMW sedan parked on the side of the road with its windows fogged up.

Police said that when officers approached the car they saw Buenano-Andrade reclined and masturbating in the driver’s seat. When an officer knocked on the car window, police said, the driver appeared confused and started to pull his pants up.

“I asked Eliot what he was doing, and he stated, ‘I work for Uber,’’’ police said Buenano-Andrade responded. Police said there was an open case of beer on the passenger side floor of the car.

When Buenano-Andrade was asked to recite the alphabet, police said, he started at “D” and ended at “K.”

Ordered from the car, Buenano-Andrade got out and began reaching into his pants, police said. Fearing he had a weapon, police said, they struggled with him before bringing him to the ground.

Buenano-Andrade began yelling that the object he was reaching for was a sex toy, which he then pulled out of his underwear, police said.

Uber did not immediately return emails for comment.

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