Video: Another Straight Guy Learns The Hard Way Not To Pick A Fight With A Gay Dude

Submitted by Take Out on Wed, 09/18/2019 - 15:17

This is why you never mess with someone who is silent leading up to the altercation.  The person talking the most stuff is usually the one to go down within minutes and in this case, seconds.  We've never seen the Windmill technique actually used effectively but ole boy might be on to something because he hit dude twice and that was all she wrote.  He's gonna need a personal injury attorney after this.  

Dude legit needs a Nike or Addias endorsement because that was pure Floyd Mayweather athleticism.  He at least needs a Geico or T-Mobile commercial.  

Sidenote: How do you knock somebody up out of their boxers?  Like straight uppercutted my mans right up out of his Hanes no tag boxer briefs.  Like some Ghetto Mortal Kombat fatality. You took off your shirt from Marshall's only to get dog walked in the middle of the street in front of all your friends.  

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