Video: In Richard Pryor's First Stand Up Act He Talks About Having Sex With Men

Submitted by Take Out on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 13:27

Even though Richard Pryor isn't here to defend himself against allegiations that he had sex with Marlon Brando, is first stand up routine pretty much solidifies that Quincy Jones was tellling the truth.  The jokes start around the 14 minute mark.  During his set Pryor says: 

“Never f*ck a f*ggot,” he says, “because they lie. They always say ‘I won’t tell.’ They lie. They can’t wait ’til you finish f*cking them. ‘Guess who was here, honey?’”

He also talks about performing oral sex on other dudes.

“I sucked a d*ck,” he admits. “You can get a habit from sucking d*ck. You know, become a d*ck junkie. You can only do it maybe three times. You do it more than that and you have a habit.”

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