When Some Guys Say They Just Want to Chill, That's What They Mean

Submitted by Take Out on Sat, 02/17/2018 - 16:43

Nice guys often finish last and we also get accused of flirting when we're not.  Its seems like you can't even make brief eye contact with some people without them thinking you are ready to rip off their clothes and hop in to bed with them.  

I also encounted this when I tried my hand at online dating.  Since I don't really club hop or hang out at bars, like many others I would search for friends online. I've made some great long lasting friendships that way but some guys don't seem to get the hint that when you say "looking for friends" you mean just that.  Us hanging out is not an invitation to kiss fuck or date.  Sometimes you just want someone you can hang out with minus the sex.

I always try to state my intentions from jump.  If I'm looking for a relationship I'll say that and if I just want to be friends or I'm not looking to date I'll say that.  Sadly some guys can't handle that.  You'll get accused of being a tease, or leading people on even when you clearly express it.  They'll say you're confused or don't recognize a "good guy" when you see them.  Some guys will never get that when you're not interested, regardless of the reason, you aren't, and they should leave it alone.  

I've even stopped liking peoples pictures and adding people I don't know on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat because things get even creepier then.  A "like" is not an invitation to smash, send me unsolicited nudes, blow up my inbox, or harrass me on a constant basis.

The good news is, as soon as someone starts acting like that, I know that not only wouldn't we good in a relationship but we wouldn't make good friends either.  

So to all the guys that think that someone is leading you on or wasting your time, can't we just be friends? 

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