Homophobic Man Gets Dropped After Calling Gay Guys F*****ts

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 06/29/2020 - 22:55

Someone must have forgot to inform 7-Eleven Ken that people are not having it out here.  If we not allowing ya'll to call us racial slurs surely you don't think you're going to call us the f word and get away with it.  

Then to add insult to foolishness you can't fight either? C'mon bruh.  We've been fighting since we came out of the womb.  Then you want to take on a pack of us?  Oh you dumb dumb.  Now you have to go back and tell your friends you got beat up by guys in cut off shirts, and the guy that knocked you out was holding his phone and didn't drop it but you dropped to the floor. 

Listen the kids haven't been able to do brunch and bottomless mimosas in months so we're already on edge.  Please don't test us. 

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