Woman Says Baby Father Can't See Their Son After She Finds Him With His "Boi/Personal Trainer"

Submitted by Take Out on Wed, 01/29/2020 - 21:53

In his defense he probably was getting in a workout.  And a good workout at that.  And probably for a lot less than they charge at planet fitness.

Anyway.  We still don't get why people feel the need to air all their business out on social media in such a fashion. 

This woman seems real mad.  We've redacted as much as we could to protect these folks identities but it wasn't that hard to find unless she's deleted by now.  

She writes:

Watch out ladies my Baby Daddy told me his friend T****** W******** was just his "personal trainer" and his "homeboy" and I came home early from work to find them like this. I was dumb enough to let the nigga stay here cuz that's you boi! Put them both out! Now you both homeless F*ck you D******* W****** and I hope yo job and yo mama and all your gang niggas see you like to take see this too. And you can't see your son anymore, don't want him raised by no fa****t. 

This is a whole lot of energy for someone you don't plan on messing with anymore.  You'll also have a hard time convincing a judge not to let him see his son just because he's gay or bi or whatever, but do you sis. 

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